What We Do

Having Fun, Making Friends

Residential provision is a great place to spend free time with friends taking part in after school activities. There are lots of opportunities to socialise and work in pairs, small groups and large groups. We support our students to make friends and interact with each other.

There are many offsite activities we regularly enjoy such as shopping, laser quest, youth club, cinema and bowling.

We use facilities within school in the evenings including outdoor gym equipment, bike track, football pitch, basket ball court, swings and climbing frames, the sports hall and the outdoor nature trail.

Learning New Skills and Setting Goals

Residential provision is a place that allows students to enjoy essential life experiences. Residential offers learning that is acquired through active experiences.

A few examples of skills that are supported:

Each student has different skill areas and goals to achieve. Experienced, qualified and friendly staff support students to plan their goals, and provide guidance and support for students to achieve them. Each goal is achieved one step at a time until a student is able to succeed.

The residential experience adds quality to a student's life.

Preparing for the Future

Residential provision is a fun opportunity for students to have the best possible future after they have left school. Each student learns independence skills through their residential experience. These skills prepare our students for the next chapter in their lives.

At the end of their residential experience students leave with the skills and confidence to look after themselves. These experiences all prepare our students for the adult world and living as independently as possible and be the best they can be.