Careers Provision

“To provide an outstanding inclusive educational provision, to prepare students for a fulfilled life”.

The aim of Careers Education at Baskerville School

Baskerville school aim to meet the requirements of the Gatsby benchmark which are as follows

· A stable careers programme.

· Learning from career and labour market information.

· Addressing the needs of each pupil.

· Linking curriculum learning to careers.

· Encounters with employers and employees.

· Experiences of workplaces.

· Encounters with further and higher education.

· Personal guidance.

We will achieve this by:

  • Providing an opportunity for students to learn about themselves: their skills, qualities, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, limitations and aspirations.

  • Providing an opportunity for students to take part in the work experience programme at Baskerville School. This allows students an opportunity to apply the vocational skills that they have learned, in a real life setting.

  • Providing students with other work-related opportunities: Enterprise Days, Careers event, visits to and from local employers and Future events.

  • Building a positive relationship with the students’ Personal Advisor from Birmingham Career Services.

  • Providing the students with structured and progressive vocational pathways.

  • Working collaboratively with parents/ carers/ external agencies to enable the student to succeed and progress appropriately.

Baskerville Careers Lead is Beverley Ffrench