As we live through another lockdown, it is very important to remember that there are still many things that can help us to maintain some sense of normality. Keeping a routine and planning each day gives many people focus for the day. It is vital that we look after our bodies and minds, and there are a few activities that help us to do this. One activity that is easy, family friendly and very beneficial for our physical and mental health is WALKING and being outside.

With all this in mind, I would like to invite all of you to participate in our Family Home Challenge –that is called WALK 1 MILE A DAY.

We will run this challenge from the 6- 28 February, which includes the half term break.

A daily 1 mile walk should take about 15-20 minutes, but of course, your walks can be much longer.

Daily walks can have many benefits to you and your family- spending time together, chatting to each other, being outside and breathing fresh air, and exploring your local area, just to mention a few.

Walk 1 Mile a Day Family Home Challenge:

  • FUN

Enjoy an outdoor break with your children, every day, and feel better for it.


We are all allowed to go outdoors but we have to stay in our local area. Stay together in your household group/ bubble.


Use routes directly from your front door avoiding crowded places such as parks. Or, if you have one, you may decide to stick to your garden.


We all need to try and get outside each day, so dress for the weather and enjoy the winter and spring.


It takes around 15 minutes. Depending on where you live, do it for the amount of time that suits you best while following government guidance.


Once a day. It’s usually best to go when you or the children feel the need to be outside, but you can choose to make it part of a daily set routine if you and they prefer that.


No kit is required – unless you want to change – just wear your normal clothes. Everyone should wash their hands when they get home.


Walking 1 Mile a Day is never a race – you just move at a pace that suits you and your household best.


No need to make it complicated – just enjoy being outdoors doing some physical activity with your children.

Week One

Each week the walks will have a different theme. The first week (starting on the 6 February), we will focus on taking a photo of the tallest or nicest tree you spot on your walk. Please send me your photos, so we can post them on our Twitter page and let me know how this activity benefited you and your family!

Email -

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope to hear from you and I am looking forward to seeing your short videos or pictures.

Week 2

We are entering the second week of our Family Walking Challenge- Walk 1 Mile a Day. This week’s challenge is called: SEVEN WALKS IN SEVEN DAYS.

During this half term break I would like to encourage you to go out every day for a short walk and see how many of these stars you can achieve.

Choose a different focus for each walk. Let your child take some photos and send them to the following email address:, so we can post them on our Twitter page. I look forward to seeing your pictures and I hope you enjoy your walks

Week 3

Some of this week challenges can be completed at home. All the challenges are suitable for the whole family and a few can be done competitively.

Indoor Walking Challenges:

  • Walk Up and Down the Stairs- How many times can you go up and down? Count how many steps you have done? How long you were going up and down for?

  • Create an Obstacle Course – Use all the downstairs rooms or upstairs rooms, or for a Mega Obstacle Course, use upstairs and downstairs as one long course. To create the course use chairs, cushions, cans of food, bottles of water or milk, blankets, toys and towels- get creative. Use your obstacle course to time how long you were walking for, or how many steps you did.

  • 10 X 100 Steps Together- Think of the tasks and activities you can do together, for example: watch a TV programme, play a computer game, prepare and eat a meal, tidy up a bedroom or kitchen or play a board game. Can you throughout the day complete together 10 short sessions of 100 steps (walk on the spot).

  • Mystery Challenge- Can you come up with an interesting Indoor Walking Challenge – Mystery Prize for the best idea.

Outdoor Walking Challenges:

  • Find a Stone- Find a nice stone, bring it back home and paint your stone.

  • Find some Sticks- Create an art piece with your sticks.

  • Find a nice Place- Draw a picture outdoors or when you come back home.

  • Find a Place - where you can play a chasing game or hide and seek game.

  • Find a Quiet Place- where you can sit, stop and relax, or maybe watch animals.

Choose as many challenges as you can. The more the better, and one or two are better than none.

Let your child take some photos and send them to the following email address-, so we can post them on our Twitter page.

I hope you enjoy your walking challenges.