Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy @ Baskerville 

Occupational Therapy at Baskerville School uses assessment, advice and intervention to support students with sensory processing and coordination difficulties.

Sensory Processing

Sensory processing difficulties arise when students are over-sensitive or under-sensitive to touch, sound, movement, taste or smell.

Sensory processing affects attention, concentration as well as anxiety and stress levels. Sensory difficulties can result in self-harm, fighting or biting type behaviors as well as irritability, day dreaming, eating and sleeping difficulties.


Poor coordination or dyspraxia can affect many aspects of growing up; from getting dressed, using a knife and fork, writing, to throwing & catching and crossing a road.

Poor coordination makes students clumsy, untidy, take a long time to finish work, reluctant to join in. It can make practical problem solving very difficult. It can get in the way of learning independence skills and the practical aspects of learning.

Independence Skills

Our students need to have functional, practical everyday skills such as washing their hands, dressing, cutting up food, neat eating, self-regulation and how to direct their own behavior and use of time. We aim to promote opportunities for independence and to reduce dependency so our students can make choices for themselves.