Student Council

Our student council has 10 members in total.

Each year, students are elected by their peers. They express their views and contribute towards the running of the school. They meet regularly and take their role very seriously .

Discussion points are shared with the Senior Leadership Team and updates are shared at the next meeting.

Students recently attended the Respecting Rights Conference at Longwill School.

There were eight schools in total. Students engaged well with activities and participated in a debate.

Well done Baskerville!

Students met Allan and Wayne our Co-Head Teachers this week.

Student council discussed a range of topics from planning the leavers meal, launching our school football team and a potential film club. 

We had some interesting ideas and suggestions. 

2 student councillors also feedback on their engagement at the rights, respecting conference at Longwill school. 

We are excited for our next meeting next week.