Complex Provision - Discovery

Discovery Context


The Complex Needs provision at Baskerville School caters for secondary aged students with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition, with a range of additional communication needs and/ or learning difficulties. All students have an Education, Health and Care Plan in place. Students in the Complex provision are generally working at a developmental level between 0-60 months.



Our Vision


To provide outstanding, inclusive educational provision, to prepare students for a fulfilled life.



Our Motto


‘Together Aspire, Together Achieve’



Our Core Values


Aspiration, Compassion, Resilience and Respect.


These values will be incorporated into day-to-day learning activities.

In Baskerville School’s Complex Needs Provision, we offer a specialised curriculum for students who require additional intensive support with communication, cognition and learning, and self-help skills. The focus of our curriculum is to prepare our learners for their lives after leaving school.


The students in Discovery will often move on to colleges providing intensive support and / or assisted living and also day provision that focuses on life skills and engaging activities.


Our classes have a high ratio of staff to students. This allows for students’ individual learning needs to be addressed in the most effective way, whilst providing a sense of belonging to a class group.


The curriculum is delivered through the following six strands:


·        Communication and Interaction

·        Problem Solving and Thinking Skills

·        Independence and Community Participation

·        Healthy Living

·        Emotional Regulation

·        Routines and Engagement


The strands Communication and Interaction, Problem Solving and Thinking Skills, Independence and Community Participation and Healthy Living are taught discreetly while Emotional Regulation and Routines and Engagement are delivered throughout the school day to provide constant re-enforcement of learning.


We have designed a curriculum that reflects targets from Educational Health and Care Plans, communicated from parents which will enable learners to develop their communication and independent life skills.


Learners also have the opportunity to participate in inspiring lessons where they can apply prior learning, these include:


·        My Outdoor School

·        Community Visits

·        My Physical Wellbeing

·        My Creativity


Students work is celebrated on display, and our corridors are also transformed by our students’ learning.


Extra-curricular activities also form an important part of the curriculum.