Find lots of links to different sites focusing on ICT.

"Thousands of young people are being offered the chance to join a virtual cyber security school as part of plans to make sure the country develops the next generation of professional cyber defenders...the online initiative aims to inspire future talent to work in the cyber security sector and give students a variety of extracurricular activities to do from the safety of their homes.

Teens can learn how to crack codes, fix security flaws and dissect criminals’ digital trails while progressing through the game as a cyber agent. This will help them develop important skills needed for future jobs, particularly in cyber security.

The school provides free weekly webinars run by industry experts teaching fundamental security disciplines such as digital forensics, cryptography and operating systems

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA, is an international programme that helps you develop and demonstrate your digital, enterprise and employability skills for for free. Students have their own log ins and have been working towards the bronze award.

If they cannot remember their log ins, please email me at t.noble@baskvill.bham.sch.uk

Students have been working on this and is perfect to practice various coding skills at home whilst having fun!

Kodu is a visual programming tool which is used to teach basic coding with the use of blocks and pictures. Its design allows it to be accessed by anyone.

Creative Computer Programming

Learn to code and mod Minecraft with Tynker's easy-to-learn, visual programming courses.

Email school for a username & password.

All kinds of making.

Learn computer programming skills, fun and free.