Topic Week 5:

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

This half term we are looking at different Aesop’s Fables, this week we are looking at 'The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse'

Communication Week 5:

Oliver's Vegetables

The story of 'Oliver's Vegetables'.

Community Visits Week 5:

Bug Hotel Part 5

This week we are going to be continuing a community project that you can do in your back garden or for your window sill.

Creative Week 5:

' Seasons'

This week we will be looking at the seasons.

Food Technology Week 5:

Courgette and Cheese Muffins

How to make some lovely Courgette and Cheese Muffins!

Life Skills Week 5:

Cleaning Surfaces

Be a great help around the house! Its very important we keep surfaces clean at the moment.

Makaton Week 5:

'The Letter C'

This week we look at the sign for the letter 'C'.

Outdoor Learning Week 5:

Tree Spirit Faces

Explore outside and have a go at creating some Tree Spirit Faces!

Readiness For Learning Week 5:

Seated Sensory Circuits

Some useful exercises you can complete whilst seated

Yoga Week 5: