Topic Week 1:

The Boy Who Cried Wolf!

This half term we are looking at different Aesop’s Fables, this week we have looking at The Boy Who Cried Wolf!

Communication Week 1:

Handa's Surprise

Listen to the story of Handa’s surprise

Community Visits Week 1:

Activity: Tour of school grounds (virtually)

Take part in an activity recognising areas of the school and communicating what students do in those areas.

Creative Week 1:


Food Technology Week 1:


How to make a cheese & salad sandwich!

Life Skills Week 1:

Washing Up

You can be a great help around the house!

Makaton Week 1:

The Letter 'A'

Zip pack includes instructions and video link.

Readiness For Learning Week 1:

Seated Sensory Circuits

Some useful exercises you can complete whilst seated

Yoga Week 1:

Exercise, relax and destress at the same time