Throughout their time at Baskerville School, students learn a variety of skills to deepen their understanding of both their own local environment and the wider world. Students are provided with a curriculum that is designed to develop knowledge in regards to the world, the UK and their own locality. Students are provided with the opportunity to develop subject – specific vocabulary relating to human and physical aspects of geography.

Students use a variety of sources including maps and plans to aid understanding of key concepts and ideas. Field trips are used as an opportunity for students to to explore their locality and practice geographical skills such as map reading in a “real life” context.

Geography is used as an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of global issues, and as a means of exploring how people live in foreign countries and different climates

Why is Geography important?

It is vital that students are given the opportunity to engage in this subject in order to understand and gain knowledge of the world we live in. Students are given the opportunity to practice “real life” skills that will be needed in their daily lives as adults. For example map and chart reading is a vital tool that can be called upon throughout their life.

An awareness of the wider world can fire the student’s imagination and therefore encourage the desire to explore our planet. The experiences can also encourage empathy and understanding towards different cultures and countries that are less fortunate than ourselves.

Learning Geography creates self- awareness and a sense of responsibility for the planet thus helping to build a positive future for the world. It is becoming increasingly important that children of this generation recognize their place in an ever increasing population. Students need to be aware of global issues such as sustainability, fair trade natural and man-made disasters as well as the impact humans have on the planet in order to allow the younger generation to build a better future.


RE provides students at Baskerville School with the opportunity to explore different religions, beliefs and customs from around the world. This provides students with a deeper understanding and empathy for the beliefs and values of others. We also encourage students to share their own experiences of religion and celebrate their own beliefs.

Students are given the opportunity to explore the traditions from other faiths by looking at artifacts, visiting places of worship and discussing issues in a safe and inclusive environment. Students are encouraged to form their own opinions and encouraged to share their own ideas and theories in a respectful and tolerant way.

Assemblies provide students with an opportunity for “reflection time” then exploring social and moral issues they face in the wider world today. It also provides a time for a variety of religious festivals and special events to be observed.

Why is RE important?

RE is a vital subject as it helps to build tolerance and respect for others beliefs and values in an ever changing world. It also provides opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of those around them and their own community.

RE also helps students to deepen an understanding of their own beliefs and morality. It provides our students with the opportunity to explore aspects of the wider community that would otherwise be unfamiliar to them. This is a vital aspect of student’s education as it helps them to grown into a tolerant, responsible and respectful member of society.