Food Technology

Food technology lessons are practical in nature, with students also being taught the underpinning knowledge of food and kitchen safety, storage and preparation. Our curriculum encourages students to

· explore and compare a wide variety of foods using all the senses .

· express or state a preference from a wide variety of ingredients, foods or dishes.

· develop a repertoire of techniques and skills of increased complexity, including the use of a variety of kitchen equipment, to create predominantly savoury dishes for themselves or others, as independently as possible.

· decide on appropriate techniques and equipment to use for a given situation.

· follow and, where necessary, adapt a recipe, with support, taking into account the dietary needs of themselves or others.

· understand the principles of good nutrition, and make healthier choices based on these.

· develop an understanding of where food comes from, including an understanding of food seasonality.

· develop resilience and problem solving skills by carrying out reflective evaluations of their own work, and suggesting improvements or alternatives.