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Meet our school Leadership Team - all drawn by Oliver, one of our talented students. If you'd like to see what they really look like - just roll over the photos with your mouse!

Rosemary Adams OBE

Bev Ffrench
Assistant Head

Matt O'Neill
Assistant Head

Chris Owen
Assistant Head

Sheila Williams
Director of Support Services

Richard O'Shea
Head of Care

Arron Alderton
Faculty Leader

Humera Haq
Faculty Leader

Ann McGuire
Faculty Leader

Lorraine Parkes
Faculty Leader

Debbie Poole
Faculty Leader

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Rosemary Adams OBE Headteacher
Bev Ffrench Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum)
Matt O'Neill Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)
Chris Owen Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)
Sheila Williams Director of Support Services
Richard O'Shea Head of Care
Arron Alderton Faculty Leader (Science)
Humera Haq Faculty Leader (Numeracy and ICT)
Ann McGuire Faculty Leader (Rural Dimension and Forest School)
Lorraine Parkes Faculty Leader (Literacy and Communication)
Debbie Poole Faculty Leader (Humanities)
Joy Baker Teacher
Donna Bence Teacher
Martyn Connolly Teacher
Kay Evans Teacher
Jonathan Garbett Teacher
Stewart Glazebrook Teacher
Hadyn Hughes Teacher
Tracey Jones Teacher
Sarah Lilley Teacher
Edyta Lowe Teacher
Rachel Roe Teacher
Rhoda Simpson Teacher
Martyn Summersby Teacher
Richard Wrigley Teacher
Sharon Woolley Autism Support Team/Inclusion Manager
Jenny O'Sullivan Autism Support Team/HLTA (Communication)
Mary Cunningham Autism Support Team/Occupational Therapist
Rachel Atkins Autism Support Team/Pastoral/Behaviour Support
Julie Heidarinia Extended Learning Team/Work Skills Co-ordinator
Melanie Angell Teaching Assistant
Max Baller Teaching Assistant
Diane Barnett Teaching Assistant
Adam Beckley Teaching Assistant
Lucy Case Teaching Assistant
Ian Chamberlain Teaching Assistant
Phill Crisp Teaching Assistant
Taylor Donald Teaching Assistant
Deion Dowd Teaching Assistant
Faye Fry Teaching Assistant
Dionne Grant Teaching Assistant
Sharon Hartley Teaching Assistant
Alistair Horton Teaching Assistant
Richard Horton Teaching Assistant
Maxine Kamaso Teaching Assistant
Tommy Noble Teaching Assistant
Gary Parker Teaching Assistant
Janetta Pearce-Collins Teaching Assistant
Katie Ralph Teaching Assistant
Clive Shakespeare Teaching Assistant
Anne Shieber Teaching Assistant
Alan Sidwell Teaching Assistant
Kristian Smart Teaching Assistant
Clare Stajka Teaching Assistant
Jodie Turner Teaching Assistant
Suki Varaitch Teaching Assistant
Alison Wheeler Teaching Assistant
Mandy Woodhouse Teaching Assistant
Jenny Wright Teaching Assistant
Patricia Howell Pastoral Secretary
Rebecca Cusworth Finance Officer
Jane Cheng PA to the Headteacher
Rachel James Receptionist
Judy Brady Site Manager
Adam Woodall ICT Technician
Karen Allerton Catering Supervisor
Rose Bracey Deputy Cook
Eve Waldron Post 16 Cook
Alison Campbell Domestic Staff
Kristie Cocker Domestic Staff
Susan Martin Domestic Staff
Sam Bowater Residential Team Leader
Rachel Leese Residential Team Leader
Jackie Whale Residential Team Leader
Dawn Francis Residential Support Worker
Kellie Gurung Residential Support Worker
Amanda Majid Residential Support Worker
Patrick Clarke Combined RSW/LSA
Anthony Harbutt Combined RSW/LSA
Derek Howell Combined RSW/LSA
Anthony Legister Combined RSW/LSA
Andrew McIntosh Combined RSW/LSA
Tracey Miller Combined RSW/LSA
Laura Murphy Combined RSW/LSA
Jo Parker Combined RSW/LSA
Elouise Taylor Combined RSW/LSA
Symon Thompson Combined RSW/LSA
Valerie Brunton Night Waking Assistant
Nicola Horton Night Waking Assistant
Marsha Hunt Night Waking Assistant
Debra Johns Night Waking Assistant